Saturday, 13 April 2019

Filigree basket Tutorial

Today I would like to show how I made a filigree basket using March Die of the Month. I shoed the card and the basket in this post - click.

I die cut the oval with two decorative inserts and I also die cut twice the label.

I have my scoring board marked with a pencil along the 6''. The pencil like helps me to align the element for scorning. I aligned at 6'' mark the die cut element and then move forward by 1/8'' and scored. I aligned with the inside of the decorative inlaid die cut.

Here you can see a pencil mark. I have done it along the full length of scoring board.

I have done the same on each side. I have now the base scored at equal distance (1/8'') from the inlaid decorative die cut. 

Then I trimmed off with scissors the sides (at four corners) to create flaps.

Here how it looks when flaps are folded up and glued together.

Two labels I used to create a handle for the basket.

Two labels are meeting at the top.

Thank you for stopping by.


Thank you for stopping by. ✿ Hope you enjoy my blog. ✿
Dziękuję za odwiedziny. ✿ Mam nadzieję, że mój blog Ci się podoba. ✿

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