Friday, 22 January 2021

Happy Birthday Mini 3D Vignette Valentines Mailbox

Today I am sharing a birthday card that I created for my daughter.

As a member of the Amazing Paper Grace Creative Team, I receive free dies to use in my projects. 

At the end of the past I am sharing some photos showing how I put together the card. I used one of the hearts as a closure.

I created a pocket in a middle part and added there an insert with a photo.

To create the insert I folded a card in a half and then I die cut first a shape with the outline die only and then I die cut the decorative part.

I die cut six time the main shape using heavy patterned paper (30cm square) and snipped of the hinges from each panel.

Then I cut two pieces that I used to connect three panels. I scored each in a middle leaving 1/4'' gap. It gave me a room for my card so it closes flat.

When I was gluing the hinges I kept two Mail Boxes about 3 mm away from each other (the top part does not meet). Otherwise it would obstruct the card opening. To align the parts I placed the top Mail Box upside down to the previous one.

When I adhered all parts together I added the opposite Mail Boxes using 3D tape. I was planning to add the middle  one as a plain panel but then I changed my mind and I added 3D tape only at the edges (like the left panel) creating a pocket. I added an insert with picture in this pocket.

Thank yo so much for stopping by.
Dziekuje bardzo za odwiedziny.


Thank you for stopping by. ✿ Hope you enjoy my blog. ✿
Dziękuję za odwiedziny. ✿ Mam nadzieję, że mój blog Ci się podoba. ✿

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