Friday, 12 February 2021

Easter Cards

Today I would like to share Easter cards that I created with Spellbinders GLP-125 - Imperial Adorned Ovals Glimmer Hot Foil Plate. I used all three plates to create Ester eggs. With the pates I used Spellbinders GLF-029 - Glimmer Hot Foil - Starburst. To die cut 'an egg' shape I used outer dies from Spellbinders S5-416 - Elegant Twist Ovals. These outer ovals have a delicate scallop edge. On my first card is the smallest Easter egg.

As a member of the Amazing Paper Grace Creative Team, I receive free dies to use in my projects. 

To create Easter eggs I used textured watercolour paper together with Jane Davenport watercolours. First I painted watercolour paper and then I hot foiled the design and then I splashed some paint over the smallest and medium eggs.

To create a card base I used Spellbinders S5-311 - Emmeline Treillage.

I decorated my cards with handmade flowers. I used old Spellbinders flower dies like Rose Creation and Daisy Heads. Here is a link to the tutorial on how I create a flower centre in daisies ---> click.

My second Easter Card has a medium Easter egg.

I created this Easter egg the same way like the above smallest one. I decorated the card with a die from Spellbinders S5-327 - Annabelle's Trousseau. The blue frame is the largest from Spellbinders S4-1027 - Double Halo Oval.

Each of the Easter cards today have a flower from Spellbinders Fresh Cut Paper Flowers. The blue flowers, on the top and on the right hand side, are from Spellbinders S4-791 - Isadora Trinkets.

There is, on my third card, the larges Easter egg. I create this one the same way as the first two. The only difference was that I did not splashed it with paint.

The shaped card base I created using Spellbinders S4-989 - Cannetillie Rectangle

My last Easter card has a smallest Easter egg. I created this egg the same like the previous ones except that when I painted the egg and while it was still wet I placed a stencil on it and let it dry. It created a background with diamonds.

I layered this card with decorative squares from Spellbinders S4-1049 - Elegant Twist Squares.

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to create yellow and pink roses that I added on this card ---> click.

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  1. Zachwycające karteczki :) Cudowne kolorki :)

  2. Przepiękne karteczki, cudowne, pastelowe karteczki i te boskie ażurki :)

  3. Hi Joanna! Wow! These Easter cards are beautiful! I love the soft pastel colors and the elegant designs.


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