Wednesday 2 September 2020

Introducing Amazing Paper Grace Christmas Cascade Collection

We all love interactive and kinetic cards! Introducing the Christmas Cascade Collection!

This holiday collection allows you to make a Cascading Card inside of a Shadowbox Frame, mounted on a card base or unmounted. Don't worry, these motifs make great conventional cards as well.


We listened to you, and we heard loud and clear that our community loves dynamic and purposeful cards. In previous collections we gave you 3D Vignettes in a Christmas way.  Now we've found a way to merge a Collection favorite, Shadowbox Vignettes, in a new format.   


Becca Feeken with Amazing Paper Grace sent me these lovely dies to start my Christmas Card making!


Hi there, today our Creative Team is sharing our makes from the Christmas Cascade Collection.  Let's take a second to sort this out...


What's a Christmas Cascade?

Amazing Paper Grace takes a spin on Christmas by building a new collection around something you already have in your stash - the Shadowbox Dies.  Becca loves building upon what you already have and making it new again. 


Christmas Cascade is made up of sets of 3" motif dies where each set has 3 motifs.  That's enough for each leaf of your waterfall but again, you could make them the center of your A2 or your A7 card. These, paired with the Waterfall base will allow you to use any dies to make your next Waterfall Card.


The Inspiration behind Christmas Cascade

The inspiration for Christmas Cascade was to produce a motif to use from an enclosure card all the way up to full A7 card with background layers.  This "cardlet" size has been a favorite in our stash because the elements can easily transition into all of the Amazing Paper Grace Collections and to all size cards.  Hint:  This is not the last time you will see "Cardlets"


Each of our Creative Team members will show you how to make a Christmas Cascade Card that is a waterfall card and a Christmas Cascade Card that is a flat card.


My Projects For Today

First up is my Waterfall Card using Spellbinders S6-166 - Christmas Cascade Base and Spellbinders GLP-194 - Elegant Holiday Glimmer Sentiments.

I created a beautiful Christmas card for my mum. The card will reveal a very nice surprise :-) The surprise are pictures of my daughter and me. The card measures 15cm by 10.5cm.

I have used a hot foiled sentiment that shines beautifully in person. It was difficult to catch it on the picture. You can also find here a tiny hear that I added above the sentiment. It is from the Decorative Pull Tab Insert that is a part of the Christmas Cascade Base die set.

Using two dies from the new set, Large and Medium Squares, I created a frame and placed it over the pictures.

At the end of the card I added pictures of my daughter and me. To make sure that the Cascade mechanism is not obstructed, the picture on the right I cut slightly longer than the Cascade Base so it goes in between the square with Santa and the Cascade Base. 

Second up is my Flat Card using Spellbinders S5-429 - Snowflake Splendor.

To created inlaid Merry Christmas I cut patterned paper to created a top layer. Then I die cut Merry Christmas directly in to the patterned paper. I kept the inside parts of the letters e and s. After that I attached double sided tape behind the words Merry Christmas that I just die cut so that the front will be sticky. Then I die cut Merry Christmas in red card stock. I placed carefully Merry Christmas in red in to the die cut that I created in my patterned paper layer (this technique is called die cut inlay technique). After that I added the parts from e and two s'es and then I removed backing from double sided tape, added more adhesive and glued the patterned paper layer on my next layer (white card stock).

I decorated my card with three die cut snowflakes from the new set. I placed them on 3D tape. I also die cut the Small Snowflake three times and placed them directly (randomly) on patterned paper.

Third up is my Waterfall Card inside the Shadowbox Frame.

At the end of the post I added some pictures showing how I created a shaped Waterfall. The first snowflake needed to be adhered flat in order not to obstruct the Waterfall mechanism.
The card measures 11cm by 15.5cm.

I added snowflakes inside the Waterfall and also I decorated with the Small Snowflake the sides of the Shadowbox frame.

The last snowflake is the Large one from the set. I placed three of them on on the other.

I took some pictures to show how I adjusted the Waterfall Card mechanism to created a shaped waterfall.
I die cut the base of the Waterfall Card mechanism as normal.

Then I used the Outer Frame from Snowflake Splendor die set to create a shaped waterfall.

I placed the cutting edge of the die just above the scored line (so it does not cut trough).

Then I placed cutting plates just below the top part of the die and passed trough the die cutting machine. By placing the cutting plates this way I was sure that the top of the die will not cut in to the cardstock.

Then I trimmed the sides.

Then I used this element to create my Waterfall Card as normal.

Here is the Spellbinders video showing amazing new samples as well as a tutorial showing you how to put the Cascade Card together:

How to Assemble the Shadowbox Frame Video: 

Christmas Cascade Availability:

These dies and plates are available from Spellbinders right now! Click here: Amazing Paper Grace Cascading Christmas.


Christmas Cascade Inspiration Hop!

Click on the links to each member to be inspired across a broad range of talent:



You could win an Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month! Enter to win on our new Instagram Account All the entry details are there, look for this image below:

I love your comments! Do you like creating cards with pictures of your family and friends?




  1. Each and everyone of your creations is just amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. THANK YOU for the step-by-step pictures of the creation process. All the cards are stunning and I love using colors different than the typical Red/Green combo. The red/white look really looks festive and wintery!

  3. Fantastyczne i oryginalne prace :)

  4. These are all beautiful. Please tell me the dimensions of the 1st card. I want to make just an A2. Thank you. [Bunny]

    1. Thank you, Bunny.
      The first card is a standard UK card size that is made using our/UK A4 size card. It measure 15cm by 10.5cm.

  5. All the projects are so beautiful love the waterfall cards, will have to give this a try

  6. Wonderful project, Joanna! 😍 Thanks for the tutorial, I love this shape of waterfall!

  7. Beautiful papers - beautiful projects!

  8. Perfect timing for making our Christmas presents for this year!! Yours are so adorable and loving the sweet baby pic especially!!

  9. Thank you so much for your kind comments :-)

  10. Przepiękne prace, bardzo wyjątkowe :)


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